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SAMHSA releases Consent2Share SMART on FHIR Application on GitHub!
Release date - August 16, 2018!
Consent2Share can now be run as a stand-alone application or as a SMART on FHIR application. The Consent2Share SMART on FHIR application source code repositories are at:
SAMHSA releases Version 3.5.0 on GitHub!
Release date - Nov 09, 2017!
For additional information about technical details and requirements, please review the C2S Technology Stack.
SAMHSA releases Version 3.4.0 on GitHub!
Release date - Sep 18, 2017!
SAMHSA releases Version 3.3.0 on GitHub!
Release date - Aug 07, 2017!
SAMHSA releases Version 3.2.0 on GitHub!
Release date - June 27, 2017!
SAMHSA releases Version 3.1.0 on GitHub!
Release date - May 09, 2017!
SAMHSA releases Version 3.0.0 on GitHub!
Release date - March 31, 2017!
SAMHSA releases Version 2.1.2 on GitHub!
Release date - July 25, 2017!
SAMHSA releases Version 2.1.1 on GitHub!
Release date - March 22, 2017!
SAMHSA releases Version 2.1.0 on GitHub!
Release date - February 6, 2017!
SAMHSA releases Version 2.0.0 on GitHub!
Release date - October 31, 2016!

New to Consent2Share?

Consent2Share is an open source software application that allows patients to determine, through an online consent process, which health information they would like to share and not share with their primary and specialty health care providers.

• Developed to meet the need for patients to have meaningful choices to share their protected behavioral healthcare information
• Integrates with existing electronic health record (EHR) and health information exchange (HIE) systems using interoperability standards
• Supports federal and state requirements related to protected health information, such as 42 CFR Part 2
• Puts control of health information exchange in the hands the person who has the right to decide who has access to his or her data: the patient.